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Bambridge on Trial for Murder by a Committee of the House of Commons, 1729

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Western Division

On December 28, 2017, the Russian Arbitration Center at the Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration opened its second regional division – the Western Division in Kaliningrad.

The launch of a new Western Division is aimed at making Kaliningrad a more attractive place of doing business and resolving complex economic disputes. The Western Division will administer domestic arbitration, as well as arbitration involving Russian, Baltic and other European companies.

According to the cooperation agreement, the Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration undertakes to promote arbitration in Kaliningrad, while the Government of Kaliningrad provides the IMA with the premises for conferences and oral hearings.

The parties from Northwestern Region and European countries, as well as those who prefer the Kaliningrad as a seat of arbitration or a venue of oral hearings, may now choose to arbitrate their disputes in the Western Division. This shall be specified in the arbitration agreement:

“The seat of arbitration shall be the city of Kaliningrad in the Russian Federation. Oral hearings shall be held at the address of the Western Division of the Russian Arbitration Center at the Autonomous Non-profit Organisation “Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration”.