Requirements for Arbitrators

Edvard Munch

Jurisprudence, 1887

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In accordance with the general rule a sole Arbitrator or a presiding Arbitrator must be qualified as a lawyer.

The Parties can agree on additional requirements for Arbitrators, including requirements with regard to their qualification and specialisation, or agree that the dispute shall be resolved by a specific Arbitrator or Arbitrators.

The following persons cannot act as an Arbitrator:

  • Any person younger than 25 years old, a legally incapable person or an impaired person;
  • Any person with outstanding conviction;
  • Any person whose status as a judge, an attorney at law, a notary, an investigator, a prosecutor or another law enforcement body employee has been terminated in the Russian Federation in due order for misdeeds that are not compatible with his professional activity and integrity;
  • Any person whose status in accordance with the federal law prohibits them to act as an Arbitrator.