DIFC Representative Office (Dubai)

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DIFC Representative Office (Dubai)

In July 2023, the Russian Arbitration Center opened its first overseas office at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). The Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration received the status of a Recognised Company.

The parties to arbitration can choose in the arbitration clause the office of the RAC at the DIFC, while the arbitration will be administered under the RAC Arbitration Rules 2021 with the rates of arbitration fees provided therein.

The RAC team will administer disputes, including using the RAC Online Arbitration System, and, among other things, deal with the appointment of arbitrators, exchange of correspondence, communication with the parties and the arbitral tribunal, and facilitating the search of premises for oral hearings if necessary.


Registered address: Unit 804B, Level 8 Emirates Financial Towers Dubai International Financial Centre Dubai

Recommended Arbitration Clause

Any and all disputes, controversies or claims arising out of or in connection with this Contract, including the breach, conclusion, modification, termination or invalidity hereof, shall be resolved by arbitration administered by the Russian Arbitration Center at the Autonomous Non-Profit Organisation “Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration” (RAC DIFC Representative Office) in accordance with the Arbitration Rules.

The Parties agree that for the purposes of sending written submissions, notifications and other written documents the following e-mail addresses shall be used:

[name of the Party]: [e-mail address]

[name of the Party]: [e-mail address]

In the event of change of the e-mail address specified above the Party shall immediately notify the other Party of such change and, if the arbitration has already commenced, also notify the Russian Arbitration Center at the Autonomous Non-Profit Organisation “Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration”. The Party failing to give notice shall bear the negative impact of any written submissions, notifications and other written documents being sent to a wrong e-mail address.

The Parties hereby agree to voluntarily comply with the arbitral award.

The seat of arbitration shall be [Dubai International Financial Centre*].


*The parties are free to choose any seat of arbitration, even if the arbitration clause provides for the RAC DIFC Representative Office.

General information about DIFC

DIFC is a financial free zone in Dubai that has its own legal and regulatory framework based on English common law. The arbitration in DIFC is regulated by the DIFC Arbitration Law 2008 (as amended in 2013). This law is largely based on the 2006 UNCITRAL Model Law on International Arbitration. The law applies where the seat of arbitration is chosen to be DIFC, regardless of the nexus of the dispute with DIFC, nationality or domicile of the parties.

DIFC operates its own court system, the DIFC Courts, with jurisdiction over civil and commercial matters that arise within DIFC. The working language of the DIFC Courts is English. The Courts are recognized for being consistent in adopting an arbitration-friendly approach, while arbitration-related issues are resolved by the special division of the Courts. The Arbitration Division is chaired by HE Justice Shamlan Al Sawalehi, one of the RAC Board Members.

The DIFC Arbitration Law stipulates that arbitration agreements must be in writing. The writing form requirement is also fulfilled if the clause is concluded by electronic means, by exchange of procedural documents, or by reference in a contract to any document containing an arbitration clause.