Expedited Procedure

Adolph von Menzel

Counselor reads falsified papers, 1887

Chapter 7 of the Arbitration Rules 2017 is devoted to an expedited procedure, which allows the Parties to resolve their dispute in arbitration without oral hearings. During the expedited procedure, an exchange of written submissions is limited.

The expedited procedure applies, if:

  • an amount in dispute is less than 30 000 000 RUR or 500 000 USD
  • an arbitration agreement provides for the expedited procedure and the Parties waive their right to oral hearings by means of direct (special) agreement

The expedited procedure allows the Parties to reduce by half the terms of arbitration. An arbitration fee also significantly diminishes:

    • Arbitrator’s fee – by 25%
    • Administrative fee – by 50%.

The Recommended Arbitration Clause for Expedited Arbitration

Expedited Arbitration Step-by-Step

Step 0

An arbitration agreement that provides for the expedited procedure with no hearings if

  • the value of the claim is under RUB 30 000 000 for domestic arbitration ($ 500 000 for international arbitration)
  • there is a direct agreement on absence of hearings

Step 1

Claimant Respondent
The Claimant pays a registration fee RUB 20 000 for domestic arbitration $500 for international arbitration
The Claimant files a Claim
The Claimant pays an arbitration fee (advance payment if hourly rates are used) The Respondent files a Response to the Claim

Before referral of a dispute to the Arbitral tribunal

20 days following filing the Claim

Step 2: Constitution of the Arbitral tribunal

The Board appoints a sole arbitrator (unless the parties agreed on personality of the arbitrator in the arbitration agreement)

14 days following filing the Claim

Step 3: Exchange of additional submissions

10 days following the receipt of the Response to the Claim or the Counterclaim

The Claimant files additional written pleadings and a Response to the Counterclaim

10 days following the receipt of the additional pleadings and the Response to the Counterclaim

The Respondent files additional written pleadings/td>

10 days after receipt of the additional pleadings of the Respondent (if it concerns the Counterclaim)

The Claimant files a Response to the Respondent’s additional written pleadings related the Counterclaim

Step 4: Rendering of the arbitral award

70 days following the date of the constitution of the Arbitral tribunal