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Bambridge on Trial for Murder by a Committee of the House of Commons, 1729

Calculation of the Arbitration fee

Amount in dispute, RUR

Number of arbitrators

  • 1 arbitrator
  • 3 arbitrators
  • 5 arbitrators
  • 7 arbitrators
  • 9 arbitrators

Type of arbitration

  • Arbitration of domestic dispute
  • Arbitration of corporate dispute
  • International commercial arbitration
Arbitration procedure



Administrative fee, RUR


Arbitrator’s fee, RUR


Arbitration fee, RUR


If the parties agreed that the Arbitral tribunal consists of more than 3 arbitrators, the Arbitrator’s fee shall be increased by 15 percent for every additional arbitrator (Rules on Arbitration fees and Arbitration costs, Article 3).

Bank account details

  • Autonomous Non-profit Organization "Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration"
  • Taxpayer’s Identification Number (INN): 7707371500
  • Tax Registration Reason Code (KPP): 770601001
  • Primary State Registration Number (OGRN): 1167700062804
  • Bank: GPB (АО)
  • Account: 40703810300000000014
  • Corr. Account: 30101810200000000823
  • Bank Identifier Code (RCBIC): 044525823
  • Bank Taxpayer’s Identification Number (INN): 7744001497
  • Bank Tax Registration Reason Code (KPP): 775001001
Для нерезидентов: при формировании платежного поручения перед назначением платежа необходимо указывать код 70010 в фигурных скобках Legal Address and Bank Address Card