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Jurisprudence, 1887

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International Commercial Arbitration

The Russian Arbitration Center administers an international commercial arbitration.

A dispute falls within the international commercial arbitration if:

  1. one of the parties has a place of business abroad;
  2. a considerable part of the parties’ obligations has to be executed abroad;
  3. a subject matter of the dispute is predominately linked to a place situated abroad;
  4. it arises from the activities of foreign investors in Russia or Russian investors abroad.

The international commercial arbitration is administered in accordance with the Russian Federal Law on Arbitration, the Russian Law on International Commercial Arbitration as well as Arbitration Rules.

The Russian Arbitration Center has formed an international arbitration database composed of the leading foreign practitioners.

The relevant schedule of arbitration fees applies to the international commercial arbitration.

In order to refer a commercial dispute with an international element to the Russian Arbitration Center use the recommended arbitration clauses designed for international commercial arbitration.