Edvard Munch

Jurisprudence, 1887

In relation to the report “Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration and “Russian” Arbitration Center: Examining Their Role in Russian Arbitration” published in Facebook by a Russian lawyer Alexander Muranov on 6 February 2020 we inform that:

  1. Allegations made by A. Muranov in relation to the RAC and RIMA (further referred to together as «RIMA») as well as various individuals that are associated by A. Muranov with RIMA are false and unfounded.
  2. RIMA is the non-profit organization which is consistently acting to the benefit of development and promotion of arbitration in Russia and in strict compliance with the applicable laws. The founders of RIMA cannot and do not influence its activities. The RIMA was neither founded nor funded by the Russian Government.
  3. RAC, as a subdivision of the RIMA, acts in accordance with the RAC Arbitration Rules. The RAC Arbitration Rules are one of the most modern sets of arbitration rules in the world and provide for the necessary safeguards of independence and impartiality of arbitrators, as well as the arbitral institution itself. The appointment and challenges to arbitrators are dealt with by the RAC Board, an independent body, elected by the arbitrators included in the list of RAC arbitrators.
  4. Importantly, nowhere in his report A. Muranov makes any allegations about lack of impartiality and independence on the side of RAC arbitrators, the RAC Board as the appointing authority or, otherwise, points to any flaws in the process of administration of arbitral proceedings by the RAC.
  5. RIMA is recognized and has been successfully cooperating with the major foreign arbitral institutions (including SIAC, HKIAC, etc), international law firms and professional arbitration community. It was also recognized as an observer and is actively involved in the work of the UNCITRAL Working Group II.
  6. RIMA is currently analyzing the legal means that are available to protect its interests against A. Muranov’s false and libelous statements and reserve all its rights.
  7. In this regard, the RIMA respectfully requests that third parties do not involve themselves in the dissemination of these statements.