RAC Board 2023

Edvard Munch

Jurisprudence, 1887

We are pleased to announce the new members of the RAC Board.

In February 2023, the following members joined the RAC Board:

  • Anna Arkhipova, Evgeny Rashchevsky, Victoria Bortkevicha and Yury Babichev (subcommittee on domestic arbitration);
  • Olga Boltenko, Prof. Dr. Islambek Rustambekov, Justice Shamlan al Sawalehi and Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab (subcommittee on international arbitration).

Timur Aitkulov has become a new President of the subcommittee on domestic arbitration.

Four members of the RAC Board stepped down after the second term of office: Anna Grishchenkova, Yury Pilipenko, Dmitry Stepanov and Elena Uksusova. We are very grateful to the colleagues and we appreciate their valuable contribution to the development of the RAC.

We are proud to welcome the new Board members! More information is available here.

The RAC Board is an appointing authority of the arbitral institution. On behalf of the RAC Board, two subcommittees act, namely the subcommittee on domestic arbitration and the subcommittee on international arbitration.