RAC’s Board Statement

Edvard Munch

Jurisprudence, 1887

On behalf of the RAC Board, we express our deepest condolences to all the civilians affected or suffering at this uneasy hour and feel great compassion for everyone confronted with insecurity and despair. We are following closely the current situation and sincerely hoping for its amicable and peaceful outcome. Despite all the turbulence in the global society, we believe that our mission urges us to promote peace more than ever before.

Being an arbitral institution with arbitrators and parties from all over the globe, the RAC bears a duty to stay dedicated to the principles of amicable dispute resolution and effective negotiations. We also believe that even in the most challenging times, it is crucial to have access to fair and professional dispute resolution, including by way of arbitration.

Still, our hearts beat in hope for prospective amicable dialogue and in anticipation of peaceful settlement. We believe that all international conflicts shall be resolved only by peaceful negotiations and diplomatic means. We address to everyone who is able to facilitate this very important process to do their best to achieve this very important goal for the sake of peace. We hope with all our hearts that we will get through this very tough time the soonest and remain always in touch.