Arbitration Rules 2021: Public Consultations

Edvard Munch

Jurisprudence, 1887

Arbitration Rules 2021: Public Consultations

We are delighted to inform that we prepared a draft of the Arbitration Rules 2021.

We have been working on the new Arbitration Rules for almost a year. We took into account our experience in administration of proceedings under the Arbitration Rules 2017 as well as the observations made by arbitrators, legal practitioners and prospective users.

Besides, in 2020 the Dechert’s international arbitration team carried out the comprehensive review of the RAC Arbitration Rules and administrative procedures. The valuable suggestions made by the experts from Dechert have also formed a core of the Arbitration Rules 2021.

Working on the project of the Arbitration Rules 2021, we strived to make the regulation of arbitration procedure as flexible as possible while ensuring fair and due process.

The Arbitration Rules is, first and foremost, a part of arbitration agreements, the procedure the parties choose to resolve their dispute. That is why we believe it is important to reflect comments of the widest possible range of those involved in legal and business communities.

With that in mind, the RAC publishes the draft of the Arbitration Rules 2021 and launches the public consultations. You can send your observations in any form convenient for you to the email address We will keep confidential all the observations and suggestions received from you.

You can find the Arbitration Rules 2021 and our note on the most significant amendments below.