Online Arbitration in Russian Arbitration Center

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The Judgement of Cambyses, 1498

Online Arbitration in Russian Arbitration Center

The Russian Arbitration Center provides a wide variety of means for conducting arbitration online.

All correspondence, sending and receiving documents in cases administered by the RAC is carried out (performed) by e-mail. Therefore parties are recommended to include email addresses in the arbitration agreement.

Additionally, the parties and the arbitrators participating in the cases in the RAC have opportunity to use Online System of Arbitration, as well as to take part in oral hearings without leaving home using the TrueConf service[1].

The `access to Online System of Arbitration and TrueConf Video Conferencing System is provided to parties and arbitrators who consider disputes in the RAC at no cost in accordance with the Arbitration Rules.

Online System of Arbitration

Online System of Arbitration is a web-browser-accessible software that provides users with a quick and convenient tool to commence arbitration, monitor its progress online, upload and download documents at any time via mobile devices as well, and to add new representatives to arbitration.

Online System of Arbitration was recognized as the best solution for legal automation and has been awarded the Skolkovo LegalTech Leader 2017 Prize.

In order to use Online System of Arbitration, you need only a computer or mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with access the Internet.

By default, Online System of Arbitration is used in all the cases administered by the RAC in accordance with the Arbitration Rules. Nevertheless, parties may agree not to use Online System of Arbitration.

Security and Data Protection

With respect to exchanging documents and storing case files, Online System of Arbitration provides a higher standard of data protection than e-mail or non-specialized cloud storages.

Access to a case file in Online System of Arbitration is granted to a representative only after verification of his/her power of attorney.

The server on which the data of Online System of Arbitration is stored is located in the specialized data center “DataSpace”, the most secure private sector data center in Moscow, which has a certificate of compliance with the Tier III Operational Sustainability-Gold standard of Uptime Institute, as well as certificates Tier III Facility and Tier III Design.

Commencement of Arbitration in Online System of Arbitration

To file a claim via Online System of Arbitration, a claimant only needs to enter the names of parties and the contact details of his/her representative on the page, as well as to upload all the necessary documents to the case file. The claimant can calculate and generate a payment order to pay the arbitration fee.

Case File Management, Submission of Additional Evidence, Monitoring the Conduct of the Proceedings

The case file in Online System of Arbitration contains all the case documents, including copies of those submitted to the RAC physically. Additional documents can be uploaded at any time both from a computer or mobile device.

The case file in Online System of Arbitration contains information about: the parties and their representatives, the arbitral tribunal, the amount of the fees and costs, the date and time of the oral hearings, as well as all the actions that were performed during the proceedings by the parties, the arbitrator(s) and by the staff of the RAC’s Administrative Office.

The information in the case file is structured into tabs: Events, Parties, Arbitrators, Documents, Tasks and Fees and Costs.

By default, a link to join the case file is sent to the parties to the e-mail addresses specified in the arbitration agreement.

To add representatives to Online System of Arbitration, parties may:

  • click on the “+” button in the representatives section on the tab “Parties” of the case file;
  • send an e-mail to the containing the name of the representative, his/her email address, as well as a power of attorney.

A link to join the case file is sent to the representative after checking his powers. Each party may have an unlimited number of representatives in the case.

All representatives with confirmed powers receive automatic e-mail notifications of uploaded documents, reminders of oral hearings and other significant events in the case. 

Oral Hearings Via TrueConf Video Conferencing System

TrueConf is a high-quality video conferencing system from one of the leading companies in the corporate communications market, which allows holding oral hearings online without leaving your home or office.

The parties should notify the arbitrator(s) and the Administrative Office of the RAC in advance that they want to conduct the oral hearings via video conferencing.

To participate in TrueConf video conferencing, a stable Internet connection, as well as a computer or mobile device with a microphone and a camera are needed. TrueConf system provides simultaneous connection to video conferencing for up to 10 users. No additional software is required[2].

Unique data for connection to video conference is sent in advance to all the participants. Parties and arbitrator(s) may have a test call to verify that connection is proper.

When using TrueConf via browser, the parties and arbitrator(s) can exchange documents. If demonstration of presentations, documents or videos during a video conference is needed, all participants of oral hearings should download and install TrueConf App in advance. The application is available at:

[1] Parties may agree to use other software for conducting oral hearings via video conferencing (for example, Zoom, Skype, etc.)

[2] It is possible to install TrueConf App to use additional features and services (presentation / screen sharing, etc.). TrueConf App works on all popular platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.