The RAC Appeal to Parties and Arbitrators Regarding COVID-19

Edvard Munch

Jurisprudence, 1887


The safety of parties, arbitrators and employees of the Russian Arbitration Center at the Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration (hereinafter – the RAC) is our top priority.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection (2019-nCov) in Moscow, the RAC strongly recommends the parties of the arbitration proceedings administered by the RAC and the arbitrators participating in such proceedings to comply with the following instructions:

  1. To submit claims and other procedural documents to the RAC by e-mail or via the Online System of Arbitration, and in case of special need by registered mail of the Russian Post; to refrain from such methods of sending documents like hand delivery or courier delivery services.
  2. To discuss participation in oral hearings using the video conferencing system, to inform the RAC about the results of these discussions.
  3. In order to receive information on dispute resolution, contact the RAC by telephone or e-mail indicated in the “Contacts” section on the RAC official website.

Despite the transition to remote working, the staff of the Administrative Office of the RAC still performs the functions of administrating the arbitration at the same high level and is always ready to answer any of your questions.

Thank you for your understanding. We wish you and your family to stay safe and healthy.

Executive Administrator
Mullina Y.N.