The First Caseload Report of Russian Arbitration Center for 2018

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The First Caseload Report of Russian Arbitration Center for 2018

We are glad to present information on the cases administered by the Russian Arbitration Center in 2018.

The RAC received the first claim at the end of 2017, and by the end of 2018, the total number of claims exceeded 250. We gathered and processed the data on all cases administered  in 2018, including information on the parties, arbitrators, claims and applicable arbitration rules and types of procedure.

The material provide the following insights:

  • Aggregate value in dispute of all claims submitted with the RAC and consolidated information on particular claims;
  • Number of cases referred to the arbitrators and terminated with rendering of arbitral awards;
  • Types of arbitration procedure chosen by the parties and applicable arbitration rules.

We also gathered information regarding the economic sectors of the companies that mostly referred their disputes to the RAC and analyzed the geography of the disputing parties.

The following data on the arbitrators should be also of particular interest:

  • The number of cases resolved by a 3-members tribunal and by the sole arbitrator;
  • The number of females and males serving as arbitrators and the information on professional activities of the arbitrators.

All information is depicted in the form of schemes and diagrams, and available for download at the link below.

Annual Report 2018

We are also glad to release the Annual Report for 2018 – the first annual report that we prepared as a result of a calendar year.

In the Annual Report 2018, you can find updated and full information on the RAC’s activities during the whole 2018: we have organized more than 35 events all over Russia, moved to the new office in Moscow, expanded our team, as well as continued cooperation with the world leading arbitral institutions.

You can read more about these and other key milestones from 2018.